30 inch Hair Extensions for Thick Hair - Straight Single

30 inch Hair Extensions for Thick Hair - Straight Single

30 inch Hair Extensions for Thick Hair - Straight Single

1. Style: Thick Straight – Single Drawn Hair

2. Length: 30 inch 

3. Weight: 100 gr/ bundle 

4. Color: Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown  

5. Original: 100% natural hair

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$60.80 per 100 gram

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 Salient characteristics of Thick hair extensions

1. Origin is 100% human hair
We are one of provider of Vietnamese hair with 100% human hair origin, not mixed any synthetic or animal hair. Vietnam remy hair company are proficient in selecting and removing the hairs that are not human hair in all the products. It will be easier and better when using a good quality product and true to their requirements. The hair extensions products with 100% human hair will be the best choice.
2. 100% remy hair quality
- The product has 100% remy hair quality of Vietnam remy hair company . One thing is certain that is unable to find a good quality hair product that are non-remy hair. On the market, some providers are using the methods to make non-remy hair have remy hair appearance by using silicon, acid ... However it would be wrong for the clients if they choose them. Because it would be waste time, effort and money to extend life span of these products because they are very short, maybe just a few times shampooing the hair will come back as non-remy hair with the tangles on the head.
3. Without any nit and lice
- You or your customers will feel fear at the sight of hair extensions products that you buy have lice or nits. Vietnam remy hair company understand that and we commit to completing hair with no nit, no lice before sending it to you. However sometimes with big orders, the huge number of kilograms , the removing nits and lice is difficult and take some time. Because we do not use any chemicals or technologies to eliminate them. Our workers use manual methods to find and remove them from the hairs. These actions protect the hairs from being damaged methods. Do not worry! we only need more time to eliminate them completely out of the hairs.
4. Thick - strong characteristic of Vietnamese hair and Asian hair.
- Thick and strong hairs easyly were processed with chemicals and heat. it's really good in creating hairstyles by steam. It is also the most characteristic trait to distinguish between Vietnamese hair and Asian hair with Europeans hair. By the characteristic that gives the product line
5. Large quantity, diverse size and assurance quality
- We have many business year experience in hair extensions product lines, with loyal customers, we usually provide high quantity on monthly.If you place a big order, you should cooperate with us in thick hair because in large numbers and assurance quality, you can not find large numbers of thin hair in Vietnam. Because thick hair make a large proportion of Vietnamese hair. So we guarantee the quality and quantity of the products as well as 100% human hair origin. It will be the choice for long-term cooperation.

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 Detailed description of the product 30 inch - hair extensions for thick hair

- Products in Thick hair extensions product line with styling Thick hair straight

- Style: Single drawn hair

- Size : 30 inch ( you can choice with 8 inch - 32 inch ) 

- Weight: normal customer requests 100 gram per bundles. But with vietnam remy hair will follow your request if you want to change the weight of each bunch

- Colors: all the colors are natural can be used for dye with color you want

Hair extensions for thick hair will bring the best choice for you

- High-quality, natural origin

- No tangles, unprocessed

- 100% remy hair cuticle portions are kept intact and the hairs have ended one direction

- The thickness of a human hair brings greater certainty and chewy but soft chestnut products.

Natural origin of thick hair extensions

- You will not get hair extensions product with best quality of vietnam remy hair if that is not the product of natural origin

- With hair extensions you are vulnerable to the supplier sends the products with styling and features like real human hair, but the quality is not quite good, can be made of synthetic or mixed fur things

Hair extensions from human hair or synthetic

- Human hair extensions and hair extensions are synthertic deliver products with quality and different prices

- Human hair extensions are hair type you can comfortably use with heat and hot water without worrying affect the structure of the hair, because it is derived from nature, characterized like own hair you

- Synthertic hair extensions: has the advantage that you can freely choose your style and size as well as color, it will be in accordance with your requirements. however you will not retain their beauty as expected when used for long periods. the product will be damaged if you use heat or hot water

- All products for Straight thick hair extensions are hair brings characterize product quality 100% remy human hair high of vietnam hair

- Vietnam remy hair company always bring to customers the hair extensions products with reasonable price with best quality


Feature product

  • Hair Grade: - Remy Hair
  • Style: - Straight
  • Length: - 30" (75 cm)
  • Color: - Black, Dark brown, Light brown
  • Material: - Human Hair
  • Virgin Hair: - Yes
  • Textile: - Silk, shining, soft, thin grain
  • Place of Origin: - Vietnam
  • Brand Name: - Vietnam Remy Hair Co.,Ltd
  • Weight: - 30-100gr/bundle (Depend on customer's requirement)
  • Hair features: - No dyed, no chemical, unprocessed, no shedding, tangle free
  • Using for: - Wigs, I tip, Clip, Wefted… hair extensions
  • Payment: - Western Union, Money Gram, Ria, Unisteam, Leader, Bank, Paypal
  • Shipping: - UPS, DHL, EMS, FEDEX or CARGO
  • Delivery time: - 3-5 days after payment
  • About us: - Customer is the Kings
  • Remark: - High quality - competitive price

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    Adekola Omolola

    So happy

    They are ridiculously easily to apply--although I went and had my hair stylist give me a tutorial and place them in for me the first time--it was super helpful. I wear them several times a week ! You won't be disappointed with your purchase. Thank you Vietnam remy hair company !!!

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      30 inch Hair Extensions for Thick Hair - Straight Single

      30 inch Hair Extensions for Thick Hair - Straight Single

      1. Style: Thick Straight – Single Drawn Hair

      2. Length: 30 inch 

      3. Weight: 100 gr/ bundle 

      4. Color: Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown  

      5. Original: 100% natural hair

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      • Product Name:30 inch Hair Extensions for Thick Hair - Straight Single
      • Product Reference: Min order quantity: 500 Gram
      • Price: $ 60.80
      • Product Width: 0.00 in
      • Product Height: 30.00 in
      • Product Depth: 0.00 in
      • Product Weight: 100.00 gram
      • Rating: 4/5 based on 1 user ratings
      • Description: 1. Style : Thick Straight – Single Drawn Hai r 2. Length : 30 inch  3. Weight : 100 gr/ bundle  4. Color : Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown   5. Original : 100% natural hair
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