Our office is located in Hanoi city – Captial of Vietnam. You can easily find us on Google maps by the name: VIETNAM REMY HAIR CO.,LTD

Vietnam Remy Hair Co.,ltd Office

Village 4, Haiboi Commune,

Donganh Disctrict (101006)

Hanoi, Vietnam

Please contact us one day in advance to make an appointment:

Regular working time: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm from Monday to Saturday, except Sunday or Holiday.


Vietnam Remy Hair Co.,ltd Factory

  • Location: Nam Dinh Province
  • Area: 1000 square meters
  • Employees: 350 workers
  • Production: 1-1.5 tons / month

To visit our factory, please contact directly to your supporter or MrJeason


Our factory is located in Nam Dinh province, 110 kilometers far from the office. Factory was built in 2013 and until today, we have at least 300 high skilled workers with at least 5 years of experience and near 80 part time workers who can support facotey in high demand seasons, can supply more than 1 tons of products every month for customer.

We known that the most important thing when doing hair business is controlling the quality of hair. We have collectors at every province in Vietnam. They will go to donor’s place to cut hair by themself to make sure hair collected was virgin remy hair. All hair was collected from one donor, no tangle, perfect for dyeing or bleaching. You can watch how we collect raw hair on our Youtube channel to understand more.

The hair after collected will be gather and transport to our factory. In here, we wash it with clean water, keep it dry naturally and remove all nits and lice, grey hair. After that, all hair will be wash again and classify into each type, each length, color,... but all hair must be kept in same direction (remy).

After that, depend on customer order, we will choose hair in stock to make it into Bulk hair, Weft hair extensions, Closure or Frontal. With high skilled workers and the way we control technology, we confident that all of our hair is still virgin remy, no tangle, no shedding. That why our products can be supplied to all market in the world, from US, Canada, South America to Europe, Russia, Africa,…

We don't do all production by machine, some steps need to be done by hand. That will help us control the quality for products better and can take care for customer’s requirements. Even time for production will be longer than normal but it is not problems, quality for customer is the most important thing, that is the purpose when we built Vietnam Remy Hair brand.

If you ever wonder about hair quality, you will no need to worry when buying from us. We have highest quality material hair in Vietnam. All of our high quality hair can be bleach to any color you want, even color like #60 or #613. You know that only virgin remy hair can be bleach to that color that still soft and silk.

We have dream to become one of the top hair company in the world. And we believe that human is the most important factor in our plan to achive that deam. Factory is just like a family with our worker, we just really enjoy the working environment here.

And the final, we make best products with highest quality for customer, variety of texture, style, color,…We bring the beauty of Vietnamese hair to customer all around the world.

We would like to thank our customers for your loyalty and support. Thanks to you, we have succeeded today. If you need anything, please contact us for advice. Thank you!

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