The demand for Vietnamese hair extensions has been increasing for 4 years. It become popular with all the customers in the world. Not only China or India but Viet Nam, many small and medium enterprises also enter this potential market. Along with the fierce competition on product quality and price. Many new companies have names and logos that are made similar to the long-standing reputable sales companies. The article will help you realize the potential risks when buying Hair extensions online and how do you check your new hair extensions vendors aren't scammed.

1. Top 3 the worst risk impact to your business if choosing the wrong hair extensions vendors

 1.1. Financial Risks

How can it impact your business if you meet a scam company? Many customers share with us their bad experiences before when they met a scam company. Two cases that you will meet popular:

- Losing all your money:  they will require you to make the transfer, but after you pay all, they block you. You won't know where you can get the money back.

- Receiving wrong the goods: Maybe, it will be luckier if the vendors still send goods for you, but that is not the same as their description. You can't sell any product to another customer to pay back. What should you do with this mess?

1.2. Quality Risk:

Forgot the first risk, maybe you will be luckier that with the product you receive, you can sell. But with the expectation of quality, you will introduce and advertise your hair will be the best quality with your customer. And you realize some problems in quality such as:

- Your hair mix synthetic

- Hair is tangled, lost

- Even, the hair can only use in 1-2 months?

The result when you meet this case? You will need a sale-off program or refund for your customer. Do you expect this case?

1.3. Service Risk

In fact, in this case, you can avoid it during the time you discuss it with your vendors. But the problem here is how can you solve it if you don't check it well, especially about guarantee terms, and return/ refund policy.

The truth thing that you can recognize a fake company that won't have enough conditions to commit to the customer in the guarantee.

But it won't happen with the big vendor. Because most of all reputable companies, will have an eligible policy to warranty the benefits of customers.

So what gonna you will do to find the right vendor for your business and void the 3 risks that I just mentioned?


 2. Top 3 suggestions for choosing the right Vietnamese Hair Extensions Vendor

2.1. Feedback/ Review from the customer


As you know, with the development of the Internet, you can find an easy review of any company from its customers. Review/ feedback will include good and bad comments. But of course, we will see how to do supplier work to solve it. You can search it through some source that I list below:

  • - Google Rate
  • - Youtube
  • - Group/ Forum
  • - Comment/ Review on the popular social network such as Fanpage/ Instagram

 2.2. Researching information as much as possible

These are three-point for check how many years have they done business:

2.2.1. Checking the established year

Many companies, even if they have done business for a few months, but when you ask, they still tell you, they have many experiences in the hair industry but how can you check this information?

You should check the detailed profile on all their channel like website, Facebook, and Instagram. Especially on the website, setting "SEO quake" and seeing first

2.2.2. Don't miss their Google Rate


Google Rate on Google Business is the most important element for you when you check the reliability of the Vietnamese Hair Vendor. Many customers give their comments about their experience when they work with this company including service/ product/...

Don't miss it if you really want to find the fastest and most exact way for checking your vendors

2.2.3. The market coverage information

The smart strategy of many companies is the coverage of the information. Trying to get as much as possible on all social channels. That will be useful when customers search anywhere, they can find vendors easily.

So when you search for information from one supplier, that they have all channels, don't skip in this. Maybe you will regret it because you can't know if is it your future supplier.


2.3. The Customer Services

After you check and contact directly with the hair vendors. Of course, you will talk and discuss with them

Try making all information clear. Let's notice their selling product, how to make an order, payment method, and shipping method. This will show you, how can they understand much with the market

Besides that, their attitude with customers and how can they support you in hair knowledge will show you their ability.

3. How can you find us?

3.1. Searching on the Internet


Doing online business will be associated with looking for all information on the Internet. You will need to spend many hours reading, finding, and evaluating vendors.

As I mentioned before, an experienced and reputable company is the company that you can find them on any channel with full information such as Website/ Google/ Social Networks.

You can find us easily and determine all information about Vietnamese Hair with only 1 click.

Let try some of our official channels that I list below:

3.2. The Image:

With careful investment in terms of image, in order to give customers the most honesty about the company's products, we constantly update product photos continuously on all social networking channels. All pics have been taken by our staff via phone, no edit, no photoshop.

From 2020, You can realize us easily by two signals:

  • 1. Logo of Vietnam Remy hair on the left top of the picture
  • 2. The website in the middle of the picture

3.3. The product system


Since 2013, Vietnam Remy Hair Co., Ltd has been providing all products about hair extensions such as Bulk Hair, Weft Hair, Closure & Frontal, and updating many hot selling in all markets like America, Europe, and Africa with Highest Standard quality.

We always listen to customer feedback and improve not only quality products but also the service to customer to get their satisfaction.

In 2019 and 2020, we launched continuously new products to increase the choice for customers such as Wigs hair, HD-closure/frontal, and Clip-in hair extensions. All products until now always receive good reviews and comments from customers.

In the near future, we are researching more new products to expand the product range. Hope we will have your attention and follow from you guys.

Finally, I hope with my article, you can know deeply about the way to search and check one new vendor before you decide to work with them. The right choice will impact your development in your business.

Besides that, you can check some of our information. We are so glad if we can have the chance to introduce our product to you.

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