Vietnam Remy Hair Co., Ltd always appreciates your trust in us. Therefore, we always try to bring customers the highest quality products at affordable prices.

Instead of a commitment to product quality, Vietnam Remy Hair Co., Ltd has implemented the return policy with the following conditions:


1. Before payment: The buyers check order information including the kind of goods, size, and color... The buyers can send pictures via WhatsApp to confirm with the seller.

In case, there is any problem not matched with your order, please notify the seller to correct it and confirm again

2. After payment: we default you have confirmed that all are correct according to your request

3. With successful payment, the factory will start processing your order. The seller will confirm the Address Shipping and Scheduled Delivery time after all order has been done.


1. We will ship to the address based on the buyer's request

2. Depending on the buyer's country or the buyer's requirement, we will ship the goods by UPS/DHL/FEDEX/CARGO CHINA or CARGO VIET NAM (We will explain in detail about the shipping method to the buyer during supporting time)

3. Delivery times will be impacted by the environment, the weather, and the disease so the scheduled time might be delayed more than the schedule that the sale confirms. We will have the responsibility to inform the customers if the delivery time change.

4. During the shipment time, if the package has any problem (such as losing the information or meeting a difficult clearance with customs...), we will confirm with the customer and both parties must have the responsibility to solve the problem together. In the case the customer receives the information but doesn't make any effort to solve this problem, we will not accept to refund of the money or return the package.


1. Deadline time for return goods:

-  Within 3 days (from the date the buyer received it), if the product has any problems, the buyer should contact us to solve the issue. The buyer can return these products to the seller and give the seller a tracking number of returning these products. The shipping fee to resend these products (from buyer to seller), the buyer will have to pay it.

-  Over 3 days, the Seller will not accept to return the goods and We can close the buyer’s complaints immediately or We will not have any responsibility to solve the buyer’s complaints.

 2. Refund money:

- Seller only refunds the money to the buyer when the seller receives the returned goods with ORIGINAL CONDITIONS - NOT USED  and the buyer already pays the shipping fee of returning from buyer to seller’s place and already pays $40 for buyer importing those goods.

- We will not accept refunds for the goods that have been used such as cut weft, change color hair, or sew-wigs,….

IV. Popular incurred involved shipment/package

1. Losing the package

In the case, that an order is lost, we will need to have 3 - 30 days (depending on the transportation process) to check with the transportation company and re-check so during this time, we don’t accept refunds for the payment until we determined the reason.

Case 1: We won't accept a refund when an order is determined as successfully delivered by the transportation company with full proof.

We will not be responsible for compensation or other claims if the buyer reports the package as lost when the package is reported successfully delivered by the transportation company or third party.

Case 2: We will accept to make hair again when an order is determined as a mistake due to the transportation company.

After the time of 3 - 30 days to investigate and the transportation confirms the package is lost due to their mistake. We will have the responsibility to make new hair and re-send it to the customer (same as the old order and no extra fee)

 2. Receiving the wrong product (size, style, quality)/ damaged product/ lack of order

When you receive the items PLEASE TAKE VIDEO before and while opening the parcel/ package. Following our note below:

2.1. Video must be provided while unboxing/ unpackaging the items.

2.2. Pictures are not acceptable as proof.

We will not accept to return or refund if you don't provide a full video while opening unbox your parcel.

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