12 inch hair extensions - Thick Straight Single

12 inch hair extensions - Thick Straight Single

12 inch hair extensions - Thick Straight Single

1. Style: Thick Straight – Single Drawn Hair

2. Length: 12 inch hair extensions 

3. Weight: 100 gr/ bundle 

4. Color: Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown 

5. Original: 100% natural hair

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$22.30 per 100 gram

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Salient characteristics of Thick hair extensions

1. Natural quality – you can be used for bleaching or dyeing
- For thick hair extensions, you can bleached, dyed and still be able to have color, beautiful colors exactly as you expect, and especially the hair structure is not broken so the hair will not weakened

12 inch hair extensions 1

2. It derive from the Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair
- Thick hair extensions are produced from the hairs which are thick and strong.Those are characteristics of Vietnamese hair and Combodian hair. Especially with Vietnamese hairs, you will find the best quality in straight hair, steam wavy hair and some natural wavy hair, because there are a few differences between Vietnamese and Combodian hair which are :usually Vietnamese hairs are thick but more silken and smoother than Combidian hairs. Best quality of Combodian hairs are natural wavy. These are the types of hair are good for Africa customers, colored skin, because the hair is not only thick but also very strong.

12 inch hair extensions 2

3. Large quantity, diverse size and assurance quality
- We have many business year experience in hair extensions product lines, with loyal customers, we usually provide high quantity on monthly.If you place a big order, you should cooperate with us in thick hair because in large numbers and assurance quality, you can not find large numbers of thin hair in Vietnam. Because thick hair make a large proportion of Vietnamese hair. So we guarantee the quality and quantity of the products as well as 100% human hair origin. It will be the choice for long-term cooperation.

12 inch hair extensions 3

4. 100% remy hair
- With priority policy of Vietnam remmy hair company, customers are always No. 1. Therefore, 100% human hair is a commitment to make sure but it is not enough. Because non-remy hair hair is 100% human hair , so to ensure the quality of each product, meets all the requirements that customers want, the product must absolutely be made of Remy hair. It have no tangled in bundles, which helps hair become silk, soft and comb easily.

12 inch hair extensions 5

12 inch hair extensions 6

Information about the 12 inch hair extensions

Products in thick hair extensions product line with styling thick hair straight

- Size 12 inch length from the top of each hair bundle to the end of the hair bundle

- Natural Colors: Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown

- Weight per bundle hair extensions are 100 grams / bundles

- Style hair: straight - Single drawn hair

The origin of the 12 inch hair extensions

- To bring the best quality, we have to use these materials are collected from the wild. with 100% human hair product will give you the hair extensions that you can freely create different hairstyles and colors as well as easy to use for the bleaching process

- Photos of the product 12 inch hair extensions are we shooting with natural light, will bring true portrait of when you get the hair

- We do not use any software to edit photos. you can easily select the product that is like the picture that you like

- Sometimes because some photographs from different computer screen will bring up the image does not resemble reality a bit

Do not use chemical products 12 inch hair extensions

- The process produces products mainly based on natural materials, such as removing the dirt with water, care and protect hair by hair care products

- Especially with vietnamese hair, we never use silicone to treatment non remy hair

- Do not use acid to alter the structure of the hair

Time use 12 inch hair extensions products

- If you are using hair extensions like your own hair, care and protect them carefully, you will prolong the time of use

- Moreover when you no longer like the old hair style, you can use hair extensions to create different hairstyles that you like

- 12 inch hair extensions in ponytail hair extensions product line, will give customers the best experience

Please contact us for more information on the product line


Feature product

  • Hair Grade: - Remy Hair
  • Style: - Straight
  • Length: - 12 inch
  • Color: - Black, Dark brown, Light brown
  • Material: - Human Hair
  • Virgin Hair: - Yes
  • Textile: - Silk, shining, soft, thin grain
  • Place of Origin: - Vietnam
  • Brand Name: - Vietnam Remy Hair Co.,Ltd
  • Weight: - 30-100gr/bundle (Depend on customer's requirement)
  • Hair features: - No dyed, no chemical, unprocessed, no shedding, tangle free
  • Using for: - Wigs, I tip, Clip, Wefted… hair extensions
  • Payment: - Western Union, Money Gram, Ria, Unisteam, Leader, Bank, Paypal
  • Shipping: - UPS, DHL, EMS, FEDEX or CARGO
  • Delivery time: - 3-5 days after payment
  • About us: - Customer is the Kings
  • Remark: - High quality - competitive price

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    Annie Megang

    Simply the BEST!!!

    I bought my extensions back in September of 2016. They are very secure and the colored matched perfectly. The hair is so soft and feels very luxurious. I have used extensions before but these are the best so far. They are still soft and shiny (and I have colored them twice already). All I have to say is thank you Vietnam remy hair company for making these amazing hair extensions. I can't wait to purchase my next set.

    Candice Cain

    Amazing extensions!

    Upon receiving your product, i took it to my hairdresser and he framed it in such a superb way that it looks like i have a great new haircut...nobody can tell that i am wearing hair extensions. the shoot maintenance of Vietnamese virgin hair was a breeze, its shine and texture still natura. Thank you!!

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    12 inch hair extensions - Thick Straight Single

    12 inch hair extensions - Thick Straight Single

    1. Style: Thick Straight – Single Drawn Hair

    2. Length: 12 inch hair extensions 

    3. Weight: 100 gr/ bundle 

    4. Color: Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown 

    5. Original: 100% natural hair

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    • Product Name:12 inch hair extensions - Thick Straight Single
    • Product Reference: Min order quantity : 500 Gram
    • Price: $ 22.30
    • Product Width: 0.00 in
    • Product Height: 12.00 in
    • Product Depth: 0.00 in
    • Product Weight: 100.00 gram
    • Rating: 4/5 based on 2 user ratings
    • Description: 1. Style : Thick Straight – Single Drawn Hair 2. Length : 12 inch hair extensions  3. Weight : 100 gr/ bundle  4. Color : Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown  5. Original : 100% natural hair
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