28 inch Best hair Extensions For Thick Hair - Straight Single

28 inch Best hair Extensions For Thick Hair - Straight Single

28 inch Best hair Extensions For Thick Hair - Straight Single

1. Style: Thick Straight – Single Drawn Hair

2. Length: 28 inch 

3. Weight: 100 gr/ bundle 

4. Color: Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown 

5. Original: 100% natural hair

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$55.50 per 100 gram

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Salient characteristics of Thick hair extensions

1. It derive from the Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair 
- Thick hair extensions are produced from the hairs which are thick and strong.Those are characteristics of Vietnamese hair and Combodian hair. Especially with Vietnamese hairs, you will find the best quality in straight hair, steam wavy hair and some natural wavy hair, because there are a few differences between Vietnamese and Combodian hair which are :usually Vietnamese hairs are thick but more silken and smoother than Combidian hairs. Best quality of Combodian hairs are natural wavy. These are the types of hair are good for Africa customers, colored skin, because the hair is not only thick but also very strong.
2. Thick and strong hairs will be easy to heat and used chemicals for different styling
- It would be better in the process of creating hairstyles that do not affect to the quality and enhance the beauty of the hairs. These are thick hair extension products with thick and strong hairs. They will not be damaged when you use any chemicals (dyeing, bleaching, heating) to create suitable color and hairstyle. We are using those methods to create hairs that you can not find Vietnamese hair like blonde hair, hair steam ... but it's still guaranteed to meet the customer's requirement
3. No mix synthetic fiber
- You are looking for hair extension products with 100% human hair, 100% synthetic, or mix between human hair with synthetic fibers? That's what you have to decide for your business goals. Remy hair Vietnam company give you some special features to distinguish
- 100% human hairs: the hairs are collected directly from the women. They have advantage in using any chemical or any method to style the hairs without worrying the effect of them to the quality of the products.
- 100% synthetic hair: the product is made entirely by synthetic fibers, the hair really beautiful in pictures and designs. but the quality of the hair, it can not compare to a human hair. you can not use any method to hair because it will be completely destroyed with heat and chemicals. That's why the product is priced very cheap synthetic hair and are sold very very much.
- Mix between human hair and synthetic fibers: these are the hairstyles are a number of vendors introduced to the great commitment it is 100% human hair. but the nature of the villa hair is a mix of human hair and synthetic fibers. the product may be cheaper but you will not be able to get the quality of the hair as required. the hair will become garbage after only one to two times you use to heat and shampoo.
Now that you understand the difference of the components of the hair type that you buy in the market. Remy hair Vietnam understood and always committed to partner with all of it's products are 100% human hair. To test it, we give advice to those customers is to start from the small number to check the quality of products

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Best hair extensions for thick hair product line is satisfactory which you can choose

You can freely select the best products for you with high quality in Vietnam remy hair

Thick hair extensions with best quality

Vietnam remy hair is given to customer demand for the hair with thick and coarse hair, but very soft and silky

- With the unique characteristics of human hair vietnam, most of the women hair highland. it will have a natural beauty and very high quality to choose from.

What is Thick hair extensions ?

- It's the hair extensions products with thick hair, soft

- You can use thick hair extensions to complete the different hair styles you want or easy to reach with dyed or bleached without worrying to issues affecting the quality of the hair

- The hairs have toughness and certainly help you keep a long time for your use

Thick hair extensions is remy hair or non remy hair?

- With experience and time working in long hair, Vietnam remy hair knows how to create their own brands, we assure the customer products 100% remy hair extensions for thick hair straight

- You'll never have to worry or get the parts non remy hair in any product of vietnam remy hair company

How to recognize 100% remy hair extensions from hair ?

- First with the product you received, please check. the hairs have end in direction, using their hands to pat on the product, you get the feeling soft and silk

- Some customers are rarely in contact with the product, it is very difficult to examine

- But do not worry, you can use the water to check the product

- See more information in products line Ponytail hair extensions

1. To put products hair extensions into water

2. spread them out and use your hands to swipe up products to remove water from the product

3. If is the non remy hair products, will have curls tangled together and when you try to remove it by putting them to comb the water next time it is back to its original puppet state

- Please contact us for more complete information about the product and the experience that you are looking for


Feature product

  • Hair Grade: - Remy Hair
  • Style: - Straight
  • Length: - 28 inch
  • Color: - Black, Dark brown, Light brown
  • Material: - Human Hair
  • Virgin Hair: - Yes
  • Textile: - Silk, shining, soft, thin grain
  • Place of Origin: - Vietnam
  • Brand Name: - Vietnam Remy Hair Co.,Ltd
  • Weight: - 30-100gr/bundle (Depend on customer's requirement)
  • Hair features: - No dyed, no chemical, unprocessed, no shedding, tangle free
  • Using for: - Wigs, I tip, Clip, Wefted… hair extensions
  • Payment: - Western Union, Money Gram, Ria, Unisteam, Leader, Bank, Paypal
  • Shipping: - UPS, DHL, EMS, FEDEX or CARGO
  • Delivery time: - 3-5 days after payment
  • About us: - Customer is the Kings
  • Remark: - High quality - competitive price

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    Helloo Sousa

    Amazing quality! I love them!

    I ordered my Vietnam virgin hair before a florida vacation/wedding trip. They are so easy to put in. I have long hair, but super thin!! they are easily blendable. They stay in really well and for a very long time despite running from the pool to dinner to the bar and back into the pool! i forgot they were on and they were in place all night. I didn't feel like it was pulling my hair at all. they are easy to wash and style and store when not in use.Really love them.

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      28 inch Best hair Extensions For Thick Hair - Straight Single

      28 inch Best hair Extensions For Thick Hair - Straight Single

      1. Style: Thick Straight – Single Drawn Hair

      2. Length: 28 inch 

      3. Weight: 100 gr/ bundle 

      4. Color: Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown 

      5. Original: 100% natural hair

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      • Product Name:28 inch Best hair Extensions For Thick Hair - Straight Single
      • Product Reference: Min order quantity: 500 Gram
      • Price: $ 55.50
      • Product Width: 0.00 in
      • Product Height: 28.00 in
      • Product Depth: 0.00 in
      • Product Weight: 100.00 gram
      • Rating: 5/5 based on 1 user ratings
      • Description: 1. Style : Thick Straight – Single Drawn Hair 2. Length : 28 inch  3. Weight : 100 gr/ bundle  4. Color : Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown  5. Original : 100% natural hair
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