26 inch Virgin Hair Extension - Straight Single

26 inch Virgin Hair Extension - Straight Single

26 inch Virgin Hair Extension - Straight Single

Welcome Website - Buy Virgin Hair Extension

1. Style: Straight - Single 

2. Length: 26 inch 

3. Weight: 100 Gram/ Bundle

4. Quality: 100% Remy Hair - No Tangle 

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Min order quantity: 500 Gram



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$58.00 per 100 Gram

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Characteristic features of the product virgin hair extensions from vietnamese hair 

1. Virgin hair extension is 100% remy hair
- You will not worry about the tangle situation of hair extension products when they are putted under water or any process because they are 100% Remy hair. Their cuticle is fully and from the top to the end is same direction. One virgin hair extension that have 100% remy hair quality will bring to you the best quality of Vietnamese hair
2. Virgin Hair Extensions are cutted off from the hair donor in one ponytail
- Materia which create one type of virgin hair extensions , are cut from only one donor. There are no mix with other hair to make a homogeneous product in color, quality. You can easily to bleach or dye virgin hair extensions with out worry because of the resource of virgin hair is absolutely natural
3. Virgin Hair extensions Soft and silk
- The virgin hair products have a super silky soft quality, like the quality of the Europeans hair. Vietnamese virgin hairs are produced from the thin hair, slender but very tough and it makes for products to have a beautiful appearance. With virgin hair extensions products, you will feel the softness when our hands put on them

virgin hair extension 1

4. Quality Natural No dyeing
- Virgin hair extensions are the products that have natural colors. It is easy to use and accessible for bleaching. With two natural colors of virgin Vietnamese hair products: black and brown, you can change the color to suit with your requirements if you want ,without worrying about the color problem which is mixed on a product

virgin hair extension 2


5. Virgin hair extensions can be used to blonde or dye
Regarding I mention, Natural color of Virgin Hair is Black and brown, beside, Virgin Hair is natural Hair, unprocessed, not chemical, not dyed or use the heat, so, when you dyed Virgin Hair or blonde it, Color hair is so beautiful and meet your request.
Summary, if you are looking for products that have the most perfect quality, so silk, so soft, Virgin hair certainly make you satisfy. Trust me.

virgin hair extension 3

6. 100% Natural human hair, not mixed with synthetic fiber and animals hair
- The nature of Remy Hair and Virgin Hair, each ponytail is make sure 100% natural hair, not mixed with synthetic fiber or animals hair because that make down quality product so much. With synthetic fiber, you can use the heat because it is damaged.
So Virgin hair is only collected from human hair.

virgin hair extension 4

7. Virgin Hair extensions have not tangle inside
If Virgin Hair Extensions product that you receive after the washing process from 1 - 2 times, you don’t wash just soak it in the water and it has tangle and you can’t comb it, you should call immediately the company that provides products for your to change product because it is not Virgin Hair.

virgin hair extension 5

- You are looking for virgin hair extensions products of the highest quality for direct use or to introduce yourself to your customers. Vietnam remy hair company you will get what you ask.

- The best choice for customers who want to use direct hair virgin extension.

- If you are having problems with their hair: it Profile tangled hair, thin or too short because you use too many hair care products affect your hair.

- Virgin hair products will be the solution for you to solve the problems. you will be free to choose a hairstyle with a 26 inch size. to increase the charm of yourself you can use the 26 inch - virgin hair extensions to create the most appropriate hairstyle for you with virgin hair straight without loss of time to wait.

Virgin Hair Extension for hair salon owner or a business owner of a hair shop?

- You are the owner of a hair salon, and a shop selling hair extension experience and skill of your product is the best. Things have now you are looking for a supplier of the highest quality products to increase revenue and customer satisfaction with you

- Coming to Vietnam remy hair company you always find a prestigious collaboration.

- Virgin hair extensions products of us have a lot of customers from all countries around the world trust and use.

- Quality: the natural quality 100% Virgin human hair Vietnam

- Color: the virgin hair extension products with natural colors and besides that we also produce other colors are handled under safety procedures, ensuring no impact on the health of users .

- The design of each bundle virgin hair extension is most convenient to save time when you want to use the product. the hair bundle be arranged by head together, you can easily remove them without worrying hair will fall down problem.

You are interested in the issue price for each product ?

- Do not worry because the prices of products are suitable for quality. Remy hair vietnam committed company that has always given to the most competitive prices. so you can rest assured that all products are under scrutiny from markets to provide information and best features.

26 inch - virgin extension in line product ponytail hair extensions of Vietnam remy hair company was launched with all what you are looking for. Please take the time to come up with the best experience for you.


Feature product

  • Hair Grade: - Remy Hair
  • Style: - Straight
  • Length: - 26 inch
  • Color: - Black, Dark brown, Light brown
  • Material: - Human Hair
  • Virgin Hair: - Yes
  • Textile: - Silk, shining, soft, thin grain
  • Place of Origin: - Vietnam
  • Brand Name: - Vietnam Remy Hair Co.,Ltd
  • Weight: - 30-100gr/bundle (Depend on customer's requirement)
  • Hair features: - No dyed, no chemical, unprocessed, no shedding, tangle free
  • Using for: - Wigs, I tip, Clip, Wefted… hair extensions
  • Payment: - Western Union, Money Gram, Ria, Unisteam, Leader, Bank, Paypal
  • Shipping: - UPS, DHL, EMS, FEDEX or CARGO
  • Delivery time: - 3-5 days after payment
  • About us: - Customer is the Kings
  • Remark: - Natural human hair

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  • Summary
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    Mrs.Engin Sahin

    Straight hair is very good

    Straight hair is very good
    I have cooperated with various providers in Vietnam. However, I am really satisfied with straight hair of Vietnam remy hair. Hopefully, I will receive natural quality for other products: wavy or curly.

      Mrs.Firuzan Üstün

      I am a hair stylist in the UK. I had used many kinds of remy hai

      I am a hair stylist in the UK. I had used many kinds of remy hair extensions from various suppliers. However, I stopped using them because they supplied me with poor quality hair. It was tangled after washing and discoloring when using. However, when using sample order from Vietnam remy hair, there are not any complaints from customer. Thank you for remy hair.

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        26 inch Virgin Hair Extension - Straight Single

        26 inch Virgin Hair Extension - Straight Single

        Welcome Website - Buy Virgin Hair Extension

        1. Style: Straight - Single 

        2. Length: 26 inch 

        3. Weight: 100 Gram/ Bundle

        4. Quality: 100% Remy Hair - No Tangle 

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        • Product Name:26 inch Virgin Hair Extension - Straight Single
        • Product Reference: Min order quantity: 500 Gram
        • Price: $ 58.00
        • Product Width: 0.00 in
        • Product Height: 26.00 in
        • Product Depth: 0.00 in
        • Product Weight: 100.00 gram
        • Rating: 3/5 based on 2 user ratings
        • Description: Welcome Website - Buy Virgin Hair Extension 1. Style : Straight - Single  2. Length : 26 inch  3. Weight : 100 Gram/ Bundle 4. Quality : 100% Remy Hair - No Tangle 
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