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best selling curly hair products with Vietnam hair

18 inch Best Curly Hair Products - Double

18 inch Best Curly Hair Products - Double

18 inch Best Curly Hair Products - Double

1. Length: 18 inch (45 CM)

2. Style:Curly Hair extensions

3. Weight: 100gr/ bundle 

4. Color: Black , dark brown 

5. Original: 100% natural curly hair

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$44.80 per 100 Gram

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18 inch best curly hair products

Vietnam remy hair company has long experience in manufacturing and exporting these products to Vietnamese hair 100% human hair origin. With its commitment to bring our customers the product line of high quality along with policies to promote the service.Vietnam Remy hair is gradually becoming one of the leading suppliers in Vietnam.


No mix synthetic fiber

You are looking for hair extension products with 100% human hair, 100% synthetic, or mix between human hair with synthetic fibers? That's what you have to decide for your business goals. Vietnam Remy hair company give you some special features of Ponytail Hair Extensions

- 100% human hairs: the hairs are collected directly from the women. They have advantage in using any chemical or any method to style the hairs without worrying the effect of them to the quality of the products.

- 100% synthetic hair: the product is made entirely by synthetic fibers, the hair really beautiful in pictures and designs. but the quality of the hair, it can not compare to a human hair. you can not use any method to hair because it will be completely destroyed with heat and chemicals. That's why the product is priced very cheap synthetic hair and are sold very very much.

- Mix between human hair and synthetic fibers: these are the hairstyles are a number of vendors introduced to the great commitment it is 100% human hair. but the nature of the villa hair is a mix of human hair and synthetic fibers. the product may be cheaper but you will not be able to get the quality of the hair as required. the hair will become garbage after only one to two times you use to heat and shampoo.

Now that you understand the difference of the components of the hair type that you buy in the market. Remy hair Vietnam understood and always committed to partner with all of it's products are 100% human hair. To test it, we give advice to those customers is to start from the small number to check the quality of products

Detail product 18 inch - best curly hair products

Best curly hair products in the curly hair product line extensions and designs derived from nature. will bring curly hair extensions products of high quality.

- Size: the 18-inch size that will fit the customers are looking for products with size short.

- Natural color of the product will fit what you are looking for. You can also use the product to dye different colors

- Vietnam remy hair are bringing products to meet the needs of customers seeking high quality.

- Curly hair extensions product line as well as one of the selected product line much in Vietnam remy hair. especially the best curly hair products it delivers full features: origin, quality, style, and color with really good advantages to customers chose products

18 inch best curly hair products 2


Feature product

  • Type: - CURLY HAIR
  • Hair Grade: - Remy Hair
  • Style: - Curly
  • Length: - 18 inch
  • Color: - Black, Dark brown, Light brown
  • Material: - Human Hair
  • Virgin Hair: - Yes
  • Textile: - Silk, shining, soft, thin grain
  • Place of Origin: - Vietnam
  • Brand Name: - Vietnam Remy Hair Co.,Ltd
  • Weight: - 30-100gr/bundle (Depend on customer's requirement)
  • Hair features: - No dyed, no chemical, unprocessed, no shedding, tangle free
  • Using for: - Wigs, I tip, Clip, Wefted… hair extensions
  • Payment: - Western Union, Money Gram, Ria, Unisteam, Leader, Bank, Paypal
  • Shipping: - UPS, DHL, EMS, FEDEX or CARGO
  • Delivery time: - 3-5 days after payment
  • About us: - Customer is the Kings
  • Remark: - High quality - competitive price

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    18 inch Best Curly Hair Products - Double

    18 inch Best Curly Hair Products - Double

    1. Length: 18 inch (45 CM)

    2. Style:Curly Hair extensions

    3. Weight: 100gr/ bundle 

    4. Color: Black , dark brown 

    5. Original: 100% natural curly hair

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    • Product Name:18 inch Best Curly Hair Products - Double
    • Product Reference: Min order quantity : 500 Gram
    • Price: $ 44.80
    • Product Width: 0.00 in
    • Product Height: 18.00 in
    • Product Depth: 0.00 in
    • Product Weight: 100.00 gram
    • Description: 1. Length:  18 inch (45 CM) 2. Style: Curly Hair extensions 3. Weight:  100gr/ bundle  4. Color:  Black , dark brown  5. Original:  100% natural curly hair
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